10 minutes just cut

Just cut hair service without wash should be good enough. This is what we brought to society as a new measure of value. Just cut needs to spend only a short time, this means if we could provide with a reasonable price, customer would be pleased to have more personal time as well as to save their pocket-money. Based on this thought, we were born in Kanda-Mitoshiro, Tokyo as a first Just Cut Salon in 1996. Afterword, we have been making a systematic unit and facilities in outlet referred by a space in the cabin of yacht, along with originally improvements brought by continuous effort. Furthermore, we summarized of outlet operation method with avoided waste of tasks except cut so that stylist could be only managing to cut hair. These all our efforts brought to be extremely get closer to customer’s prime demand which is to cut hair as quickly (In 10 minutes) with low price. Now, QB HOUSE is expanding to be a worldwide brand as this concept is getting to be accepted not only in Japan, but in the world.



New Style Salon as called “ Fast Salon for Slow Life”

[Fass] is basically taking over [QB HOUSE] original concept which are providing as a reasonable price and reservation is not required, and is adding a new concept of [Fast Salon for Slow Life] became [Fass]. Main target would be from 20 to 40 years old for both men and women. This outlet was created and supervised by IDEE , interior furniture company, as main theme of space concept is to customer could feel warm like as if they are staying at home. Main menu is similar with Quatre Beauté, and there are additional menu for only cut front hair, hair styling as to be closed to customer’s needs.



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